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27 July 2016

It's 22 Years Today That Our Own Dr. Tai Solarin Left His Great Legacy for Nigeria

The good deeds of patriotism, honesty, hard work, freedom of conscience, religious tolerance, matrimonial ideal, educational excellence and moral probity that our great icon, Dr. Tai Solarin, was famous and popular for still live on today in the minds of us his followers and admirers.

Tai Solarin Organisation, Tai Solarin University of Education, Tai Solarin College of Education, Tai Solarin Memorial Schools, Mayflower School, Mayflower Private School, Mayflower Junior School, T(ai) & S(heila) Hospital, Tai Solarin Memorial Library and Tai Solarin Way are some of the monuments extant today that make his memory lingers in our mind.

Twenty-two years after the transition of the social critic and human rights crusader par excellence, Tai Solarin lives on.